The No 1 Floor Cord Cover Mat – Morland Protect – Safe and Simple

An ideal floor cord cover, The Morland Protect Cord Cover Mat, is an overfloor cord protector.

A very simple cable mat solution for floor cord and wire protection. Safe Simple and Repositionable. Protect yourself, employees, and visitors. Perfect for events conferences and around the workplace.

Available in both Carpet Top and Rubber Top

For both Indoor and Outdoor use

This cleverly designed mat has a durable nylon carpet surface and nitrile rubber backing with an integrated cord run to secure loose cords, cables, and wires and a high-visibility border to highlight a potential hazard. Grey Mat surface A floor cord cover to protect cords, ethernet cables, power cables, wires, and extension leads. Create a low profile, trip-free, pedestrian walkway. Use under desks to prevent tangles with feet and keep workers safe. Ideal for events, for temporary protection of workers and visitors against trips and falls and easy re-positionable No adhesive or fixing required. Reusable, Repositionable

  • REDUCE TRIPPING HAZARDS – Health and Safety – High visibility black and yellow edging clearly highlights the mat. Does not curl
  • INTEGRATED CABLE RUN – Low Profile – Skid resistant rubber back , Reduce tripping accidents in the workplace,Safely conceals & secures unsightly cords.
  • MACHINE WASH and TUMBLE DRY at 140 F – eye-catching border graphics to highlight potential hazard – Durable floor cord cover.
  • HEAVY DUTY NYLON CARPET SURFACE – High quality Nylon carpeting. Use with Power and electrical cords, extension cords, coax cables, ethernet cables, and other wires.
  • INDUSTRIAL DURABLE NITRILE Rubber Backing, lies flat under its own weight and does not crack or curl can be machine washed
  • NITRILE RUBBER is oil and Grease resistant perfect for a busy workshop, factory floor or commercial garage auto shop, It can be jet washed and put back to work, use it to cover cords, cables and identify other workplace hazards, cable protect rubber is both an outdoor mat and an indoor mat.

If you need to have an extension lead or cord run across an area people walk then you need a cable cover mat, just lay the cable mat over, the bright yellow and black border shouts out the danger and the Non-Slip, Non-Curl Nitrile Rubber Backing with integrated cable channel keeps the wire in place and safe away from being caught in your foot and causing a tripping hazard.

Ideal for use at events and conferences, Cord Cover Floor Protection, for extension leads, wires cables, Data Cables, Office Wires

Launched in November 2019 – Order Now